Dogs and Cats for Sale has more than 10 years of experience in the business of providing families with exceptional puppies who are guaranteed to be healthy. Our experience and service has helped us to provide puppies for sale online to thousands of satisfied families. We are the best in the business! Don’t just take our word for it, read reviews from happy customers or testimonials from our employees!

Our puppies begin their lives with quality, licensed, and responsible breeders who remain accountable for the health of each of our dogs. Each of our puppies is up to date on all shots and vaccinations including Parvo, distemper and more. Your puppy will have been checked by a licensed veterinarian a minimum of five times before they go home with you and will have been properly dewormed. If your puppy has a pedigree (most do) you will receive a family tree showing four generations to ensure there is no inbreeding. Your American Kennel Club or American Kennel Club Partners Registration will automatically be set up in your name.

Dogs and Cats for Sale will be with you and your new puppy for a lifetime.  We provide several guarantees included with the purchase of each puppy from Puppies Today. We include a 12-Year Life Insurance Warranty, One-year genetic health guarantee and a 15-day viral guarantee with each online puppy purchase. Check out the array of premium benefits we offer for all adopted puppies.

Each puppy goes home with a free microchip that is activated with amber alert through PetKey, some starter puppy food with a vitamin kit and a certificate from the veterinarian ensuring your puppy’s good health. We also provide free online puppy training videos and access to an over the phone puppy training hotline.

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